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These are the topics of the Ottawa PC Users' Group Meetings over the years. Your comments are welcome; please post them to the "General" conference area of the PUB or email them to The future topics are in green and subject to change; for the latest info please check the upcoming meetings. Please note that some links are available to only members who have an account on the PUB, and will have a yellow background when you move the mouse over them.

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Nov 13, 2019
Oct 9, 2019 Members' Favourites by Lawrence Patterson, Bob Walker (and Bob Herres), Alan German, Chris Taylor, OPCUG
Sep 11, 2019
Jun 12, 2019 18th BBQ: Pizza Night + eWaste event +
The vaccination tracking app by by Cameron Bell, CEO of CANImmunize
May 8, 2019 Effective backup strategies by Chris Taylor and Alan German, OPCUG
Apr 10, 2019
Mar 13, 2019
Feb 13, 2019
Jan 9, 2019
Dec 12, 2018
Nov 14, 2018
Oct 10, 2018 Mass Marketing Fraud and Cybercrime Awareness For Seniors by Brock Godfrey, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, North Bay
Sep 12, 2018 Renewable Energy by Bob Walker, OPCUG
Jun 13, 2018 17th BBQ: Pizza Night + eWaste event +
Podcasting by David Smith & Colin Smith, The Surface Smiths, recorded live
May 9, 2018 Practical Tools for Web Accessibility Testing by Toufic Sbeiti, manager of the web team at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and co-organizer of #a11yyow Accessibility Camp Ottawa
Apr 11, 2018 Ottawa Microgrid by Art Hunter PhD and PC owner since 1984, Energy Freedom Project and Stewart Dibbs, PiXCL Automation Technologies
Mar 14, 2018 Windows Performance Tune-up by Chris Taylor, OPCUG President and Microsoft Windows Insider MVP
Feb 14, 2018 Members' Favourite by OPCUG members:
  • Jeff Dubois: Streaming and texting applications
  • Alan German: Video editing
  • Bob Walker: Small 2-in-1 Laptop Buyers Guide & Other Gadgets
Jan 10, 2018 How to Take Better Vacation Photos by Lynda Buske
Dec 13, 2017 Where Are Self-Flying Planes and Self-Driving Cars Taking Us? by Bob Walker, OPCUG
Nov 8, 2017 Omeka: Realizing the Educational Potential of an Open Sourced Web Publishing Platform by Dr. Beth Robertson, Department of History, Carleton University
Oct 11, 2017 From Concept to Commercialization by Mark Lamarre, CEO Cumulus Dental
Sep 13, 2017 Windows 10 – two years out by Chris Taylor, OPCUG President and Microsoft Windows Insider MVP
Jun 11, 2017 16th BBQ: Pizza Night + eWaste event + OPCUG 35th anniversary cake +
Energy Freedom & The Internet of Things by Dr. Art Hunter, Energy Freedom Project.
May 10, 2017 Privacy in a Digital World by Malcolm Townsend, Office of the Privacy Commissioner
Apr 12, 2017 With the evolution of Apps, is the web dead? by Terry Billingsley, CEO AppYourWay
Mar 8, 2017 Members' Favourite by OPCUG members:
Feb 8, 2017 Static Site Generation by Scott Murphy, IT Consultant
Jan 11, 2017 Internet of Things by Walter Knitl, Praxiem
Dec 14, 2016 Cloud Infrastructure as a Service business by Paul Butcher, HostedBizz
Nov 9, 2016 An Introduction to Genealogy - Exploring Current Techniques, Key Tools, and Genealogy Resources by Doug Gray, Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society
Oct 12, 2016 BPro: Software as a Service (SaaS) by Doug McGregor, Vice-President, The Better Software Company
Sep 14, 2016 Windows 10: One Year Out by Chris Taylor, OPCUG President and Microsoft MVP
Jun 8, 2016 15th BBQ: Pizza Night + eWaste +
1) Responsible Electronic Waste Recycling by Nina Digioacchino, OES
2) Securely erasing a hard drive for disposal by Alan German, OPCUG
May 11, 2016 Revolutionizing Dentistry Through Technology by Dr. Marc Lamarre, B.Sc., DDS, EMBA
Apr 13, 2016 A Discussion on UAVs: Exploring Emergent Unmanned Vehicle Technologies & Real-World Applications by Will Wegenast (Airborne Media Pros, Skyborne Systems) & Regie Alam (ASG Mappng Ltd.)
Mar 9, 2016 Members' Favourite by OPCUG members:
Feb 10, 2016 The Software Trajectory: From Idea, Through Development, To Market by Nishant Bhasin, Episync WiFi File Transfer App
Jan 13, 2016 An Introduction to Videography by Bob Johnson, Funkdawg Films
Dec 9, 2015 The Use & Misuse of Anonymizing Technologies by David Fewer, CIPPIC's Director
Nov 11, 2015 Windows 10 - An End-User's Evaluation by Art Hunter (B.Eng.(Mech), Ph.D. (Aero))
Oct 14, 2015 Your ISP & Privacy by Shelley Robinson & Andre Dalle
Sep 9, 2015 Microsoft Surface and Windows 10 - Better Together by Colin Smith & David Smith
Jun 10, 2015 14th BBQ: Pizza Night + eWaste +
Cybersecurity for Individuals by Eric Jacksch, Security Shelf
May 13, 2015 VoIP by Jeff Dubois, OPCUG and Fred Ennis
Apr 8, 2015 Virtualization 101 by Brian White, VTSP, VCP-DCV, Senior Systems Engineer, VMWare Canada
Mar 11, 2015 Members' Favourite by OPCUG members:
  • Jeff Dubois: Kodi Enhancements: Streaming Live TV Content
  • Chris Taylor: How to make a Photo Book
  • Alan German: web site WYSIWYG
Feb 11, 2015 History of Computers by Bob Walker, OPCUG
Jan 14, 2015 How to Buy a Digital Camera by Chris Taylor, OPCUG
Dec 10, 2014 EMF's & You - How they affect you... what they do not tell you about by Bob Sobol.
Nov 12, 2014 Technology Services designed for Seniors by Brian Stagg, TechLifestyle.
Oct 8, 2014 Webcomics Unlimited by Mark Shainblum, creator of Northguard
Sep 10, 2014 Basic Digital Photo Editing by Chris Taylor, OPCUG, and at the Linux SIG, Video Editing by Antonio Misaka
Jun 11, 2014 13th BBQ: Pizza Night + eWaste event + Maker Culture and the Rise of the Makerspace by Mark Gelsomino, Ottawa Public Library, Nepean Centrepointe Branch, Imagine Space
May 14, 2014 "Spatial data at the City" by Jason Barney, City of Ottawa and "OpenData at the City" by Robert Giggey, Ottawa's Open Data initiative and Apps4Ottawa program.
Apr 9, 2014 Business Intelligence, Big Data and Your Privacy by Bob Walker, OPCUG
Mar 12, 2014 Raspberry Pi's - Uses, software options and OS's that are available by Don Isaacs + Raspberry Pi's options and accessories by Vasiliy Lazutin of Buy a Pi
Feb 12, 2014 Media Streaming 101 by Jeff Dubois, OPCUG
Jan 8, 2014 "My Word! Free, low-cost and specialized alternatives to that word processor" by Mark Shainblum, creator of Northguard, followed by:
Dec 11, 2013 QNX, what makes it an embedded software by Edward Lee + Silent Auction to the benefit of the Ottawa Food Bank
Nov 13, 2013 Computer hardware, choices, maintenance and repair
Oct 9, 2013 Creation of 3D content with and its development by Ben Houston, founder of Exocortex
Sep 4, 2013 Building a web site that's "good enough" by Alan German, OPCUG
Jun 12, 2013 12th BBQ: Pizza Night + eWaste + Is it Canada's Turn to Implement e-invoicing with UBL? by Hugh Chatfield of CyberSpace Industries 2000 Inc.
May 8, 2013 Digital Imaging on the Run by Bert Schopf, Blackbird PCD
Apr 10, 2013 Introduction to 3D Printing by Andrew Plumb
Mar 13, 2013 Not-for-profit refurbishing of computers by Doug Drouillard of KRC (Knights Refurbishing Computers) INC
Feb 13, 2013 Bring Your Own Disaster? Issues and Options for Solving the BYOD Dilemma by Barton McKinley. (blog:
Jan 9, 2013 With Windows 8, we reimagined Windows to focus on users' lives by Pierre Roman, Microsoft Canada
Dec 12, 2012 Threat landscape and latest anti-malware trends by Chris Ellis, McAfee Inc.+ Silent Auction to the benefit of the Ottawa Food Bank
Nov 14, 2012 The eBook industry and the development of technologies as it pertains to libraries by Chris Simmons, Ottawa Public Library
Oct 10, 2012 Members' Favourite by OPCUG members:
Sep 12, 2012 Reproducible research: tools to write reports that adapt to changes in programs and data by Dr. John C Nash, retired professor at U of Ottawa.
Jun 13, 2012 11th BBQ: Pizza Night + ISP by Ross Kouhi, Executive Director, National Capital FreeNet
May 9, 2012 Accessible Computing by Bob Walker, OPCUG
Apr 11, 2012 Window 8 by Pierre Roman, Microsoft Canada
Mar 14, 2012 The Year the Internet Fought Back by Dr. Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa
Feb 1, 2012 Linux 102 - An Introduction to the "Other" Operating System by Alan German, OPCUG
Jan 11, 2012 How to protect your computer by Chris Taylor, OPCUG
Dec 14, 2011 Privacy and the Internet by Bill Wilson, Chief Privacy Technologist, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Nov 9, 2011 PaintShop Pro by Evelyn Watts, Product Marketing Manager, Corel Corporation
Oct 12, 2011 Members' Favourite by OPCUG members:
Sep 14, 2011 Personal Computers & Audio Recording by Roger Lanthier
Jun 8, 2011 10th BBQ: Pizza Night + Home Theatre by Sylvain Dumas. McAfee, Montréal
May 11, 2011 Emerging Trends by Google
Apr 13, 2011 So, you want to be a blogger...? by Alan German, OPCUG
Mar 9, 2011 Consumer Technology Innovation with Cloud Integration by Rick Claus, Senior Technology Evangelist, Microsoft Canada
Feb 9, 2011 Enterprise Social Media Tools by Bob Walker, OPCUG
Jan 12, 2011 Clicking, Flicking and Tweeting: Social Networking Controversy by Chris Taylor and Andrea Wells, OPCUG
Dec 8, 2010 Members' Favourite by OPCUG members:
Secunia Personal Software Inspector by Chris Taylor
Understanding VOIP,,, by Jeff Dubois [PDF]
Filehippo's update checker, Desk Hedron virtual desktops, VisiPics identical pictures, Sumatra PDF, Process Monitor, CombineZP merge photographs, Geni family tree, HDClone disk imaging, QuickShadow instant backup, Taxman Income Tax, StudioTax Income Tax, laptop alarm by Alan German [PDF]
Skype VoIP, Google Voice, Radio? Sure!, Songr song search engine, Picasa photo editing, UltraDefrag by Harald Freise [PDF]
Nov 9, 2010 The State of Network and System Security by Chris Ellis, McAfee Inc.
Oct 13, 2010 What you need to know when buying a computer by Brian Glaser, Orleans Computers
Sep 8, 2010 Linux 101 - What Every Windows' User Should Know by Paul Godin
Jun 9, 2010 9th BBQ: Pizza Night + CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 by Evelyn Watts, Corel Corporation
May 12, 2010 PhotoShop editing by Bert Schopf, Blackbird PCD
Apr 14, 2010 Codebreaking Enigma - The World War II challenge then and today by Richard Brisson, Bletchley Park
Mar 10, 2010 The State of Spam and Spam-Fighting by David Skoll, Roaring Penguin Sofware
Feb 10, 2010 Microsoft Hack and Defend by Bruce Cowper Microsoft Canada
Jan 13, 2010 Members Favourites by Chris Taylor, Alan German and Harald Freise, OPCUG
Dec 9, 2009 11th Christmas Goodies by Harley Bloom, Bloom MicroTech
Nov 11, 2009 How to Buy a Digital Camera by Chris Taylor, OPCUG
Oct 14, 2009 Microsoft XBox 360 by Rick Claus, IT Pro Advisor, Microsoft Canada
Sep 9, 2009 Windows 7 by Rick Claus, IT Pro Advisor, Microsoft Canada
Jun 10, 2009 8th BBQ: Pizza Night + Video Editing by Roger Wambolt, Corel Corporation
May 13, 2009 How the Internet Works ... and Doesn't by Chris Taylor, OPCUG
Apr 8, 2009 The Future of Home Automation: What's in-store for 2009 by Steven Totolo / tvcAutomation, Ottawa
Mar 11, 2009 Computers and Persons with Disabilities by Elizabeth Dussault, Natural Resources Canada
Feb 11, 2009 Microsoft PhotoSynth by Rick Claus, IT Pro Advisor, Microsoft Canada
Jan 14, 2009 Members present their favourite computer products, OPCUG
Dec 10, 2008 10th Christmas Product Presentation by Harley Bloom, BMT MicroTech
Nov 12, 2008 Computer based tools for the popular hobby of genealogy by Doug Gray, Co-ordinator of the Computer Genealogy SIG of Ontario Genealogical Society (Ottawa Branch)
Oct 8, 2008 Changes in Storage (Hard Drive) Technology by Harald Freise, OPCUG
Sep 3, 2008 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and the "ElastX" initiative by Gordon Graham, Director of Marketing, Wrapped Apps Corporation
Jun 11, 2008 7th BBQ: Pizza Night + HP "Help Desk" by Jason Tryon
May 14, 2008 Members' Presentations
Apr 9, 2008 Come out and see tomorrow's technology today by John Shore & Rob Blackburn, Eurocom Computers, Ottawa
Mar 12, 2008 One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) by Andrew Clunis, Ottawa
Feb 13, 2008 Monitor's Tax Preparation Update by Maggie James, MONiTOR Magazine.
Jan 9, 2008 ogWifi brings free Wireless to YOUR community by Jean-Pierre Fiset of Ottawa-Gatineau WiFi
Dec 12, 2007 9th Annual Christmas Wish List by Harley Bloom & associates, Bloom MicroTech
Nov 14, 2007 Windows Home Server by Rick Claus, IT Pro Advisor, Microsoft Canada
Oct 10, 2007 Overview of NCF by John Selwyn, Executive Director, National Capital Freenet (NCF)
Sep 19, 2007 Microsoft Publisher in a Box by Alan German
Jun 13, 2007 6th BBQ + Newsletter contest + QNX - the company, its technology and applications you use every day by Paul Leroux, Public Relations Manager and Technology Analyst, QNX Software Systems
May 9, 2007 Canada's Choice: Copyright, Culture, and the Internet by Dr. Michael Geist, University of Ottawa
Apr 11, 2007 TBA by Chris Ellis CISSP Systems Engineer, Canada, McAfee Inc.
Mar 14, 2007 Windows Vista in your home by Rick Claus, IT Pro Advisor, Microsoft Canada
Feb 21, 2007 Paint Shop Pro Photo XI by Evelyn Watts, Product Specialist, Corel Corporation, Ottawa
Jan 10, 2007 A Little HTML Knowledge by Alan German, OPCUG
Dec 13, 2006 8th Annual Christmas Wish List by Harley Bloom & associates, Bloom MicroTech
Nov 8, 2006 Member's Presentations "Open Source Favourites": Open Source definition/Source Forge, WinDirStat (disk stats & cleanup tool), Audacity (audio files editor), MP3 Helper & Open Office by Don Chiasson, Filezilla (file transfer) & Sunbird (calendar-scheduler) by Alan German, SpamBayes (spam control) & UltraVNC (remote access) by Chris Taylor, CDex(CD ripper), Ewido (anti-spyware), VLC Media Player (cross-platform media player), Foxit (PDF reader) & Foobar2000 (media player) by Harald Freise.
Oct 11, 2006 GPS applications for business and consumer use: navigation, tracking and outdoor recreational activities by Dr. -Ing. Detang Zhong, Mobile GPS Online, Ottawa, ON
Sep 20, 2006 SUSE® Linux Enterprise 10 by Lothar Wegner, Novell Canada
Jun 14, 2006 5th BBQ + Newsletter contest + Collaboration and information sharing with Microsoft Office 2007 by Rick Claus, IT Pro Advisor, Microsoft Canada
May 10, 2006 Corel WordPerfect X3 and CorelDRAW X3 by Evelyn Watts, Corel Corporation
Apr 12, 2006 Web Mapping with Scalable Vector Graphics by Dany Bouchard and Benjamin Campin, DBx GEOMATICS
Mar 8, 2006 How to configure a secure (enough) home wireless network by Chris Taylor, OPCUG
Feb 22, 2006 Protect Your Computer from Virtual Crime by Elliot Finkleman, Practical Computing
Jan 11, 2006 Integration of Adobe and Macromedia product lines by Mike Potter, Adobe Systems Canada
Dec 14, 2005 7th Annual Christmas Wish List by Harley Bloom & associates, Bloom MicroTech
Nov 9, 2005 Linux live install by Michael Ondrechak, OCLUG
Oct 12, 2005 Windows Vista by Rick Claus, IT Pro Advisor, Microsoft Canada
Sep 21, 2005 Setting up a Home Theatre System by Sylvain Dumas, Montréal
Jun 15, 2005 4th BBQ + Next-Generation Protection for Your Windows Computer by Gary MacArthur, GMA Perfect Image Inc. and Stuart Morrison, OS Security
May 11, 2005 Sylvain Dumas of McAfee, Montréal
Apr 13, 2005 Eric Jacksch, Tenebris Technologies Inc., Ottawa
Mar 09, 2005 Emulators by Don Chiasson (Don C++), former OPCUG member
Feb 16, 2005 Corel's new Paint Shop family (formerly Jasc) by Michel Daw, Corel Corporation
Jan 12, 2005 New Technologies from Microsoft and what they can do for you, by Rick Claus, IT Pro Advisor, Microsoft Canada
Dec 08, 2004 6th Annual Christmas Wish List by Harley Bloom & associates, Bloom MicroTech
Nov 10, 2004 Firefox by Harald Freise, WebCoder and InkScape by Jocelyn Doire, Total Commander and TextPad by Chris Taylor, Excel Compare and Universal Document Converter by Alan German.
Oct 13, 2004 Selections and Masks by Gord Hopkins, Digital Image Processing
Sep 08, 2004 Digital topographic maps for the desktop or road warrior by Bob Gowan, OPCUG
Jun 09, 2004 3rd BBQ + WPOffice 12 by Michel Daw, Corel
May 12, 2004 Public Access WiFi by Tom Camps, BOLDstreet
Apr 14, 2004 Digital Image Pro 9, Microsoft, by Chris Taylor, OPCUG
Mar 10, 2004 Office 2003 on a Tablet PC by Josh McPherson, Microsoft
Feb 12, 2004 CorelDRAW 12 by Michel Daw, Corel Corporation
Jan 14, 2004 Photo-Objects by Joe Donnelly, Hamera
Dec 10, 2003 What's New for the Holidays by Harley Bloom, Bloom MicroTech
Nov 12, 2003 Scanning 101 by Pete Roberts, OPCUG
Oct 08, 2003 Studio MX, Dreamweaver and Flash by Brian Donovan, Macromedia
Sep 10, 2003 Home Automation by Steven Totolo, Total Voice Control
Jun 11, 2003 2nd BBQ + Office 2003 with Instant Messaging and Windows Sharepoint Services by Joel Plouffe from Microsoft Canada
May 14, 2003 Improving File System Performance by Greg Hayes, Raxco Software
Apr 09, 2003 20th anniversary: artefacts display, panel discussion and trivia contest + presentation
Mar 12, 2003 Present and future threats, VirusScan and Desktop Firewall by Sylvain Dumas, McAfee Security
Feb 10, 2003 New releases including a new tablet PC by Eurocom computers
Jan 08, 2003 Relational databases and how they work by Bob Walker, OPCUG
Dec 11, 2002 Finalize your holiday gift list by Harley Bloom, Bloom Microtech
Nov 13, 2002 Database Alpha Five, Alpha Software by Bill Hanigsberg, Dawson College
Oct 09, 2002 Injury Prevention by Cheryl Witoski
Sep 11, 2002 Software Application Development by Bob Walker, OPCUG
Jun 2002 1st BBQ
May 2002 Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 by Suzanne Blain, Synersys VP
Apr 2002 Integrating Linux and Solaris into the ExitCertified network by Peter Durst, ExitCertified
Mar 2002 Technology for the future, today by Eurocom Corporation
Feb 2002 XML - MIDI for the Text world by Hugh Chatfield
Jan 2002 Tools to enabe secure collaboration by Michael Vlugt from Techstar
Dec 2001 Large assortment of computer entertainment products by Harley Bloom and Luc Laplante, Bloom Microtech
Nov 2001 The latest on AMD processors and on AMD's road map to future processors by Hanif Mawji, J-Squared Technologies
Oct 2001 Home networking by Chris Taylor, OPCUG
Sep 2001 Office XP by Microsoft
Jun 2001 Digital Cameras, Digital Printers and Digital Audio recorders by Olympus
May 2001 VMWare and Microsoft Office XP by Chris Taylor, OPCUG
Apr 2001 Personal Information Electronic Documents Protection Act by Ron Thompson, Information Technology Security
Mar 2001 Computer Recyclers Inc + Tunstall Data Recovery
Feb 2001 CorelDRAW 10 Graphics Suite by Corel
Jan 2001 Security while on the Internet
Dec 2000 Computer games and entertainment products by different manufacturers
Nov 2000 Assistive computer technologies for the disabled by Andre Demers, Environment Canada
Oct 2000 Video editing software for personal and professional by Ian Malcolmson, Forefront Graphics
Sep 2000 Prevention of personal information collection by Liliana Faillace, Zero-Knowledge Systems
Jun 2000 Setting up your own home office / small office network by Luc Laplante and Leana Smith, Bloom Microtech
May 2000 E-banking by the Toronto-Dominion Bank
Apr 2000 Windows 2000 by Pat Gilligan
Mar 2000 Operating systems
Feb 2000 Corel Linux Operating System by Wendy Lowe, Corel
Jan 2000 Helpful hints on maintaining and upgrading your computers by Harley Bloom and his crew, Bloom Microtech
Dec 1999 Digital Cameras by John Stephens, Focus Centre
Nov 1999 OPCUG Annual Computer Swap Meet
Oct 1999 Future direction in Computing Technology for Home/Office by Peter Leach, CITO
Sep 1999 CorelDraw 9 Tips and Tricks by Sally Reijerse
Jun 1999 ToggleMouse and members presentation: graphics by Jean Vaumoron, documenting the "indispensable" Windows Commander utilities by Chris Taylor, Y2K patch installations by Doug Terry, and website case study on information architecture by David Curling
May 1999 Intel, Pentium!!! The latest processor with an updated version of MMX
Apr 1999 Create self-running multimedia slide shows and distribute them by floppy or by e-mail, by Vorton Technologies,
Mar 1999 Corel Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition and Newtech HAL 2000 voice-activated computer-based home automation
Feb 1999 Psion Handheld Computer
Jan 1999 Introduction to Linux by David F. Skoll, Monitor Magazine
Dec 1998 Computer graphics and networking as they apply to gaming by Luc Laplante, Bloom Microtech
Nov 1998 Removable media storage and drawing tablets
Oct 1998 ListServe (Part Two) by Chris Taylor, OPCUG
Sep 1998 Basic HTML, Java, JavaScript and PERL by Sean Creaghan and Dave Healey
Jun 1998 Windows 98 by Bill Noel, Microsoft Canada
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Apr 1998  
Mar 1998  
Feb 1998 PC enhanced telephony, micro-PBX communications command center by Centrepoint Technologies
Jan 1998 Hard-disk partitioning and duplicating by Dick Kellerman, PowerQuest
Dec 1997 3COMs networking, USRobotics Modem, Pilot Palmtop and other items by Eric Albert, Keating Technologies
Nov 1997 CorelDRAW 8.0 (DRAW, PHOTO-PAINT 8.0, and DREAM) by Susan Finlay, Corel
Oct 1997 Processors, chipsets and the past present and future of PC's by Jon Coxworth, Intel of Canada
Sep 1997 The future of the OPCUG by the OPCUG Core Strategy Development Committee
Jun 1997 Proper care and feeding of computer peripherals by John Mulroy, DataWeb
May 1997 New Deal Office 97 by New Deal
Apr 1997 Lotus SmartSuite 97 by Dawn Fiander-McCann, Lotus
Mar 1997  
Feb 1997  
Jan 1997 PhotoPC digital camera by Jean Simoneau, Epson
Dec 1996 U.S. Robotics modems by Eric Albert, Keating Technologies
Nov 1996  
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